• Lesson Nine: How To Test, See And Hear Your Pronunciation On Your Computer

    Do you want to quickly and easily perfect your English pronunciation?

    These lessons are a good start, but if you really want to learn how to speak english perfectly then you'll need a little more help. An amazing system that can listen to your pronunciation, analyze it and then instantly teach you how to improve. It's a really great idea.
    • Hear 2,000 words in American and British accents.
    • Test your English speech and see where you're going wrong, and how to quickly fix your accent. The EyeSpeak software can actually listen to you and shows you how to improve quickly.
    • It's not just words. EyeSpeak can also analyze over 700 useful English phrases and sentences.
    • There are 45 interactive English conversations to practice with.
    • As well as 2,000 spelling games.


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