To successfully publish anything on English Forward; content needs to be influential, original and memorable to create an impact.

To achieve this, we need to set up DISRUPTIVE goals for our content.

DISRUPTIVE expressed as an acronym stands for:


Content should be easy to understand and read. To achieve this, we should write our content using the exact language and style of the target audience.


Content writing, even without a clear call to action (CTA), must influence the reader. The content writer should have the goal of influencing readers.


The writing process can be stressful, especially when you don’t know where to start. Beginning with an outline will assist you with writer’s block and help to develop a clear, easy to following structure.


Your content should be malleable and easily recycled into different media platforms to reach your audience, wherever they are.


There must be no plagiarized or copied text within the content.


You must be passionate and positive about the topic you are writing. Positivity and optimism bring positive results.


Every piece of content has its purpose. Don’t add anything that is not relevant to the topic because that will only confuse readers.


Some of the most critical aspects of your post are the headline and description. The headline must be eye-catching and appealing to readers.


It is vitally important to use only information from trusted sources. False or poorly researched content will be disregarded quickly and leave a negative, lingering reputation for you as a writer. Readers have to see the value and benefit of reading your content. Engaging readers with tangible information further enhances the value of the content and therefore; the chance of your content becoming viral.


There are significant benefits to engaging with readers. Content written should strive to stimulate the reader with an easy-to-read style, powerful images and above all, an interesting story.

Successfully using DISRUPTIVE acronym will achieve these four vital goals of communication:

INTEGRITY – Integrity in writing requires original content that is true to the writer.

EXPOSURE – How many people can you impact with your writing.

EFFICIENCY – Efficient copywriting is the art of maximizing your content and writing content that is suited to various media platforms.

EFFECTIVITY – How does your content affect readers? If your article is good enough to be shared and spoken about by readers, then it becomes effective content.

Following these guidelines will assist you in writing better articles and will help you, as a writer, captivate and influence a broader audience.

Quality applications, like ISO 9001, can be used to maintain high standards.

When it comes to content writing and its philosophy there are several aspects to think about. Some elements that are important when it comes to writing high-quality content have been covered here to help you up your game as a copywriter.

Lastly, we are all still learning and gaining experience, so if you feel you could help us improve what we publish, we would appreciate your comments.