What is Telegram?

Telegram has grown in popularity in the secure messaging category since its launch in 2013. Telegram is a messaging app, like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger with a focus on speed and security, it’s super-fast, simple and free. If you love privacy, Telegram is your app. You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time — your messages sync seamlessly across any number of your phones, tablets or computers.

The world is changing, so are the priorities. We are here to learn English, and learning requires a harmonious and safe environment to make errors, to not be judged or ridiculed, but to seek answers and grow. Privacy, freedom, and the security of Telegram make it a perfect match for English Forward.

Here are some of the amazing benefits Telegram app is providing:

1) Telegram is a fast messenger service. You can send and receive video files up to 1024 MB and share multiple files. A user can choose whether to compress the image and video or send the uncompressed version.

2) As it has no advertisements, it’s completely free and it does not ask for a fee after a certain period of time.

3) Telegram is available for any operating system (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux etc) and through any browser.

4) There is an option for a secret chat which means a self-destruct timer can be set after a message is sent. The message will be automatically deleted when the timer hits. This confirms that Telegram is a number one secure messaging app.

In fact, telegram has “bots” with which we plan to allow everyone to search English Forward, right from the comfort of the chat app.

With over 200 million users and counting, Telegram is big and lots of users enjoy the platform for being versatile and secure.

English Forward, the Internet’s largest community, goes blockchain

Since acquiring EnglishForums.com website in February 2018 we wanted to retain the foundation but build upon it — to allow the platform and community to advance Forward. English Forward is a leader in adoption and hence...

A natural fit was found with blockchain. While “blockchain” isn’t relevant for many industries or businesses, it is a perfect hand-in-glove solution to each of our goals.

Telegram immediately modernizes English Forward’s technology, allows for new creative tools implementation, and brings in transparency and authority, while also enabling all contributors and volunteers to earn “crypto tokens” for their support. Telegram is an app widely used in the blockchain space as well.

As a fast adopting and community-centric platform, English Forward invites you to join our Telegram Group to continue learning and growing.