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replied to an anonymous question.
She wears jeans to work but she isn't apwrd to. She wears jeans which is/go against company regulations/rules. Thanks
 apwrd is not a word.
She wears jeans, which is against / goes against company regulations/rules.
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Hi teachers, please help me correct any mistakes you find in my Paragraph. Thank You! My family In the happiness of everyone, the family has always been something sacred that we wish it would be perfect. My family are four peoples which are my ...
Chung Nguyễn TrầnIn the happiness of everyone, the...
I have no idea what that sentence is supposed to mean. It looks like it might be a Google (or an otherwise literal) translation from Vietnamese to English. Please rephrase/delete it.
Chung Nguyễn Trầncomplete her tasks quickly.
I don't understand the above. Does your mum not have to work a ...
 I'm practicing an essay. First, I write my ideas down in Vietnamese. However, I don't know how to express some of them in English, so that I used Google translation to solve that problem. I will delete it.
I have already posted my assignment on ...
 Okay, then delete it. Also, I pointed out to you in your previous thread that you should put a space after, not before a punctuation mark, but you seem to have ignored this. I suggest that you amend your text and post it again.
replied to an anonymous question.
what is the meaning of she managed to climb the mountain
 She was able to climb the mountain.
replied to an anonymous question.
First he decided to 'have at his correspondence.' What does it mean? /My interpretations that is uncertain are as follows : 1.will tear up his letters that pass between correspondents. 2.will not accept the agreement. 3.He, being armed with an evil ...
 First he decided to start work on / tackle his correspondence.
eg He was very hungry so he had at his dinner.
Anonymous First, he decided to have a go/crack at his correspondence.
I suspect that's what you meant to write. If so, refer to Clive's answer above.

have at

  1. : to go at or deal with : attack

from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/have
Anonymous replied to an anonymous post.
a grandstand full of charaters trapped by retaining walls are pressed to demonstrations when the blows upon them fall
Anonymous  Typewriter
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