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replied to an anonymous question.
during the war he worked as a nurse to care for the soldiers
Anonymous During the war he worked as a nurse to....
This has two very common mistakes.
You can also write: He worked as an army nurse during the war.
CJ ...
Anonymous asked a question.
It has been amazing the past six months.
Anonymous asked a question.
"The first of her writings were little stories." Is it correct to say?
replied to an anonymous question.
Meanwhile, was on the tiptoe of expectation for writing. Is this sentence correct?
 Your sentence needs a subject. eg Fred was . ..
I don't undertand what you mean. Do you mean he is expecting a letter?
Anonymous  Like he desires to write
If we say 'standing on tiptoes', sometimes we mean that the person is trying their hardest to reach up for something that they want. If that's the meaning of the sentence, I think it's good
replied to an anonymous question.
We're gonna make tough decisions. People say what they wanna say. Is the auxiliary be optional in such informal sentences like the ones above?
 In #1, do you mean the word 'are'? It's not optional in standard English.
In #2, what 'be' do you mean?
We say gonna and wanna, but we don't write them like that.
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