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replied to an anonymous question.
"His head is the size of a watermelon."
Anonymous Correct?
 It's not a very accurate description: they come in different shapes and sizes. [link]
replied to an anonymous question.
what is the meaning of post school qualification?
 A qualification gained after leaving school.
replied to 's question.
If a man's job is to truck goods, and when he says to his wife that it is a week turnaround, it means that he return home: 1) in a week. 2) in two weeks.
 It's unclear. Ask him to clarify his meaning.
 You mean it could be either?
It could even be the time it takes at the destination to to unload the truck, and prepare it for the journey back,
replied to 's question.
I would like to ask which of the adverbs convey the meaning that the fault is 100% belongs to somebody. 1. I assume it was alone my fault 2. I assume it was completely my fault 3. I assume it was entirely my fault 4. I assume it was singly my fault 5. I ...
hhttI assume it was solely my fault. In...
Why the part "I assume" distrupts the meaning of "all the mistake is belong to me" in spite of "solely" is used?
Here why does "solely" not give the meaning of "all the mistake is made by me", at least from respect of the speaker ?
Thank you. ...
 If you say that you assume something, you are saying that it is not a proven fact. If you want to show that there is not the slightest shred of doubt about a claim, then don't say 'I assume'.
 1. It was, without a doubt, solely my fault;
I opened the door. The cat ran out. I saw the cat run out. Nobody told me to open the door.
Nobody helped me to open the door. Nobody paid me any money to open the door.
I admit that it was solely my faul ...
asked a question.
Which are correct: 1) As the political authorities commanded the loyalty of the people the less, the religious authorities claimed their loyalty the more. 2) As the political authorities commanded the loyalty of the people less, the religious ...
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