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replied to 's question.
Hello all, according to the following context extracted form BBC Learning English: what does 'look up in the conversation' means?! I couldn't find any equivalent in the dictionary. Thanks. Sherry Turkle, American clinical psychologist and professor of ...
Mickey Mouse 8241what does 'look up in the...
Look at the other participants in the conversation rather than looking down at one's cellphone ...
 Thanks for your reply.
So it means that if three people are looking up the conversation we can look down our phone?!
 If you believe the explanation, yes.
replied to 's question.
1. Let's do the swiping the floor 2. Let's do the swiping of the floor. Which is correct or are they both wrong?
 To swipe is to steal. How are you going to carry away the floor?
I think you're talking about using a broom.
Let's sweep the floor.
I'm beginning to think you are incapable of using any verb in English without -ing on the end of it. Emotion: smile
 If the floor is wet, you could use a mop to wipe it.
Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
In what way (or to what degree) does every so modify often?
 It lessens the frequency.
EnglishmavenIt lessens the frequency.
Thank you for the reply.
replied to 's question.
Which of these sentences is correct and more common? The show made us be happy. The show made us happy. To me both are correct with a little difference in meaning! ...
KhoshtipManPlease have a look at StoneyB 's...
There are a lot of opinions in that thread, just as you can find on any forum. What's so special about StoneyB?
CJ ...
CalifJimThere are a lot of opinions in that...
All the opinions say that "the show made us be happy" is correct. Once again have a look at it. It's updated.
And, I referred to that person because, to me, he is at the same level as MM on English.  ...
KhoshtipMan he is at the same level as MM on...
I doubt that seriously. How in the world did you presume to measure that? ...
Anonymous replied to 's question.
A: The place used to be full of trees,____ it? B: Yes. But now it has turn into buildings. Which one is correct to fill in the blank? "didn't" or "wasn't"? Thanks in advance.Emotion: stick out tongue
 I get it. Thank you.
zuotengdazuoA: The place used to be full of...
But now it has turned into buildings. ...
Anonymous  You should you "wasn't" (although, you can say "Didn't the place used to be full of trees?").
It's also better to write "But now it has been turned into buildings."
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