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replied to an anonymous question.
It's bigger than it's needed. Those are bigger than they're needed. Are they right?
 No. I would say:
It's bigger than is needed.
Those are bigger than needed.
AnonymousIt's bigger than it's needed. Those are bigger than they're needed.
Omit "it's" and "they're". It's just "bigger than needed" or "bigger than necessary".
replied to 's question.
The fact (that) he’s older than me is not relevant. that conjunction - Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com The above example is given for "that" as a conjunction. Is it a ...
 The fact [that he’s older than me] is not relevant.
There are two clauses:
1. The fact is not relevant. (Main clause. Subject "fact"; verb "is")
2. that he’s older than me. Dependent clause, relative clause with "fact" as the antecedent.
replied to an anonymous question.
Can someone please tell me meaning of these phrases? "Go Beyond Body" "Go Beyond Body and Mind" "Know Who you are" "Know yourself"
Anonymous"Go Beyond Body"
That means nothing to me.
Anonymous"Go Beyond Body and Mind"
Maybe to die or imagine yourself in a completely alien world.
Anonymous"Know Who you are" "Know yourself"
The ancient Greek saying, inscribed on a temple, is "Know thyself."
There is a Wiki article on all of its interpretations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Know_thyself
replied to 's post.
Hello. Are the following sentences grammatically correct? "Mark, my life has been very hard. I would like to ask to the destiny or the karma, or whatever, why my life is so hard? I've been a good son, a good brother, a good friend... Women seems to ...
NikitusAre the following sentences...
No, and the tone changes abruptly from very formal style suited for a religious context to casual slang.
Why? ...
replied to an anonymous question.
"Don't chase after that guy that you are sure did this."
 It's grammatically correct. For me, something about the emphasis seems unusual or off.
Anonymous Don't chase after the guy who did this.
AnonymousDon't chase after the guy who did this.
Yes, that's much more natural.
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