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 I'm working in mobile game industry and would love to improve my English skill to not only improve my career path but also to communicate with the world
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 GreetingsEmotion: smile Look forward to a healthy and meaningful exchange!
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 Hello everyone. My name's Mert. I'm 16 years old. I'll be 17 years old after 3 days. I'm a high school student. I'm from Turkey. I'm Turkish. I like listening to music. I want to be an english teacher in the future. Nice to meet you all.
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 Hi everyone, this is john. i am interested in sharing my knowledge of english and also to learn further.
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 Hi John!
Welcome to the forum.
Always capitalize the word "English."
 Hiya there! Thanks for stopping by my profile, ok first of all, let me introduce myself to you; I am AZEDDINE, a 19Years old (don't look like yeah? xD) fella who studies at the MOHAMMED V university faculty of literature and human sciences in ...
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Malta Sprachreisen, Elanguest


Die Sprachschule wurde von David und Ursula West gegründet, mit dem Ziel im Hinterkopf, eine freundliche und unterstützende Umgebung zu schaffen, in der unsere Schüler von guten Lehrern Englisch lernen können

Elanguest English School in Malta.


Specialising in General English for Beginners to Advanced. Also Business & Medical English and preparation classes for Cambridge ESOL exams.

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Spanish courses specially designed for foreigners traveling throughout Chile and South America.


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Estudia inglés en una atmósfera relajada y amistosa. Descubre como rápidamente mejorarás tus capacidades lingüísticas tanto si eres un estudiante principiante como avanzado.

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