Young Love

Young Love
Young Love
Jun 12 2011 08:09:37
hahahaha who ?? neyaaloooo Mr.Me
weelch!!! meen hatha YOU!!! the ME we know its you but who is the YOU!!! welkom dwa5tony inty we gheerech, e3terfy wela te3rafy sho beserlech!!
well it's still unknown that Mr.YOU ...certainly she knows him !!! who is he ?? walech
hahah its soo cuteeee from u to say walech moneer haha i guess we will teach u some iraqi hahah
hahaha don't worry soumaya our accent near ur accent so i will give ya some lessons if u want haha
yes plzz i love to know ur accent hehe we have a family freind who is jordanian and omg i love the way he speaks!!! lool so u better teach me!!!
What a beautiful and romantic moment! Congratulations, Helda You have a nice picture there! Really do I love it -GN.