SAM 0018

SAM 0018
SAM 0018
Feb 17 2012 02:16:54
wow,thats so gorgeous ! is that a view from the mountain peak ?=)
Thanks. It was taken from above the Pacific in a flight.
oh , how haven't i guessed haha =) 'above Pacific in a flight..' inspirational =) where were you taking way ?=)
Well... I was flying back to my home country after staying in the USA. I am really missing every single moment.
=)yeah,can imagine..with me happens the same after journey ..but never been to USA did you like it ,what was most memorable and good ?=)
You know~There is everything in the USA because there are many people from all over the world, so I could meet and see many things just within one conutry. It would be a long...
Anyways,if once you 'd like to tell ,you know me =) me too like very much the flow of people of different cultures =) very happy you had such a journey !=)