tehon 1

tehon 1
tehon 1
Apr 28 2012 13:29:10
Ehe what a nice pictures!:D Is it a dragon or dino?
Reply to Sdraguss Thanks! I think it is kind of dragon. It's a character of the game in Japan. Originally, it's from myths of Greece.
I see, have you drawn it by yourself? And what is the name of the game you have mentioned?
My name is Anton by the way, nice to meet you;)
Reply to Sdraguss Hi,Anton! I'm Risa,nice to meet you too^^ Yeah,I have. Its name is` Megami Tensei' by Atras. And there're some series, 'Persona',`Demi kids' ... Have you heard...
Reply to NonameUser Hi, May I ask you what you mean? I just came up with socks, but I'm sure that's wrong. I've not learn Chinese,so I can't read it.
Yep i have heard but i haven't played yet. We could talk sometimes if you don't mind:) May i write to your email or something? Just not sure if your profile picture is a very proper...
Reply to Sdraguss Thanks! Of cours, we could:-> So what should I do to tell you my E mail adress? Exactlly it's vague, If it's not allowed seriously. I'll delete immediately...