Aug 31 2012 18:30:09
I am going to conduct a study for my socioliguistics course and actually i need some native speakers to answer DCT ( discourse completion task). I need your help if you are that...
first of all, nice to write to you i'm teaching english but i have a problem with english speaking, could you help me improve speaking pls?
hi my name is reyhane and i am iranian... i am student college and i study english literature in university
hello please reply me i am shalvin brahmbhatt i am indian and student of BCA and doing job i want to learn english so pls help me out
Hi dear i need talk to yo you if you dont mind
Hi, I need some information about subject matter syllabus and task- based syllabus, just in case I need to talk about them, and I don't know exactly the easier way to explain...
hi dear i want to talk with you
can you help me to correct following sentences please  I have a very good experience, working on different types of ships such as Bulk carriers, Gas and Oil tankers, Container...
Nice to meet you. I am happy if I can talk to you. I really want to improve my english skill @@