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Oct 25 2012 09:54:42
hi. i realy sorry.! nowday i can to reply your questions. i'm learning in the university of dalat. and now year i'm 24. i hope you will to find a good job. good luck.! ak ...
Thank you ! I hope too. Is your thought skype ? Can you tell me about skyper more?
Can you anwser my question ? How did you use skype ? Do you use skype by talking with foreign person?
Thanks sumy's comment
you down and stup. while stup you use your account facebook to login. to stup skyper you only press "next and next" very simple. :> goodluck.!
Thanks. I set up finish skype.But i want to ask you : How did you use it ? How did you connect to foreign person? I do't know.
you are pro..! you add account skper of yourfriend. so as you can to call for yourfriend and talking with together. good luck again.
ak what is your account skyper. my account is: [As per regulations on this site, you can place your contact information only in your personal profile.] . can we taking together...
oh thanks. Now i understood Can i have your skype? We can talking together in the moment