Pure Happiness

Pure Happiness
Pure Happiness
Jul 31 2014 22:09:41
A poor, very poor, African refugee, no having almost nothing, but showing the nicest smile. Pure, unconditional happiness! Emotion: smile
Well I think material poverty is much better than cultural poverty .After all, you can get rid of it faster but eradicating cultural poverty needs ages. Look at Islamic countries...
Happiness can be very subjective, Jordi. Having everything does not guarantee happiness and yet there are people who are happy with the very little that they have.
Very beautiful smile and pic Jordi right pure and unconditional hapiness as you say Jordi and talking about another point mm cultural poverty and religion? I wonder why some...
Think about it, what is worse? Financial poverty or cultural poverty? Improving living condition is not tough. Look at UAE. 35 years ago they lived in tents , but now UAE surpasses...
Happy is when you have nothing to complain, when you accept everything as it is