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Apr 14 2011 03:10:35
Hi sparta.. same with me.. I also eager to learn arabic..
Hi Pak Ariph... Nice to see you here in this forum. I am from Semarang, Indonesia. Nice profile photo. Is that in Nabawi Mosque in Madinah?
nice profile picture.............
This is my arip bro good one
MashAllah !! superb pic that is !!
Actually while my picture was taken, I didn't know that my position was right on the center line of the green dome this picture was taken by my father in law, and originally my...
R.I.P !! you are exactly standing in the canter ..
wah nice pic
masaAllah you have done haj-e-baitullah.
Yes Alhamdulillah.. on 2008 with my wife, my father in law and my mother in law..