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Mar 24 2012 06:05:27
hey dear where are you?
oh i am here why....? i am from sri lanka............
Good picture:) And Sri Lanka is an interesting country, going to visit it one day!:D
oh you are whole heartedly invited to visit here...and if you come the best time is this, , i mean before april 12 upto end of july...thts the funny...
Thanks for your kind invitation, but i didn't mean that i'm going to visit your county right now:) I wish but i can't!;) However if you share the pictures of the traditional festivals...
yah i ll try.......
i ve taken my country photographs and i am adding them soon.....but i think there is a error in this site when downloading photos
Really? It might be i think. Don't you mind to send the pictures to my email?:) Anyway thanks for your attempt to share them with us;)
please send me youremail
Okey, but i can't send you a private message, change your profile settings or follow me.