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Teacher Carol

Teacher Carol
Teacher Carol
Aug 03 2012 19:05:34
Hi Michael Thanks for contacting me. Please visit my website (link on profile page).for more information about the services I provide. Thanks Carol
i am new here..pls help me to speak english
Hi, I am new here and i want to improve my English.I hope someone will help me.
Hi Thanks for contacting me. I have a blog and will be adding other resources to my site to help with English learning. Please see the link on my profile. Thanks Carol.
hi, nice to make friend with you. Can i ?
Hi Giang Nice to meet you too. Thanks for the welcome. Best Wishes Carol
Hi Carol! I'm Crystal. nice to meet you! I'm really new in this website~ If possible, I'm glad to learn English from you:D
Hi Crystal Nice to meet you too. Please see the link on my websites where I'Ii be adding more resources. Thanks Carol
hi... Can you please advice where is the link..
Hi If you click on my username in blue on the left hand side of the screen you'll find the link under contact information in my profile. But if you can't get it you can google...