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The Altai

The Altai
The Altai
Aug 13 2012 06:42:09
yes, horse-riding)) I dont know what for you mean expensive..) I think that it is available to majority)
I mean does it cost a lot of money to do the activities?
For example, one hour horse-riding cost 10 $. And river rafting from 3 to 6 hour cost from 35 $. ))))
wow its very cheap how can i get to the mountains?
You can fly to Moscow, then to the airport Gorno Altaisk. and buy any tour. There are different. You can go to the mountains with backpack, you can stay in any Hotel. The higest...
Thank you. I dont understand, what gorno altaisk? are there hotels on the mountains? And can i travel there without tours?
it is town and named of airport) yes, there very develop tourisrik place. there are many people in the high seson! you can travel without tour, of course. But you need in skiilers...
Okay but i did not understand how to get to the mountains from moscow. Can i swim there too?
From Moscow you need to fly on plan to the airport, then on the car to the mountains! Water in mountain's river is very cold!) But ьфny brave people are swimming!)
Hehe brave people. I am a good and brave swimmer. the mountains are from from Moscow?