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Sahil, Enjoy Your Breakfast :@

Sahil, Enjoy Your Breakfast :@
Sahil, Enjoy Your Breakfast :@
Jan 12 2014 05:20:19
Seriously are those fish raw ??? they looks like that.
Fish for breakfast ? No bread butter eggs and coffee
Those pink things at the bottom right and all those leg things, Put flowers and stickers over it Silent And you know what don't ever cook anything for me, consider that I am...
Well friends, you know, costumes are different, there are people that hates milk, others can't bear the flavour of fried eggs just when they wake up, etc etc.
ohh sea food, I want mango
Take all the food now Alica, when season of mangoes comes, I will sent you then
then try a british breakfast with sausages and baccon and eggs
I wonder what can I have for lunch if this is for breakfast
Hey, Silent pretty girl, you can lose weight if you live with me because not even pasta for breakfast let alone rice, but, now seriously, rice is healthy food, much better than...
Looks like Royal breakfast, chapped mango, watermelon, shrimp , fish! Did you prepare them by yourself? What is inside the pot? Soya sauce? I'm always available to help you with...