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Apr 29 2014 14:24:06
Mandarin fish are distinctive due to their unusual shape and intense colouration. They have a broad, depressed head and are primarily blue with orange, red and yellow wavy lines. Males are noticeably larger than females. Mandarin fish lack scales and instead have a thick mucus coating. They have 4 dorsal spines, 8 dorsal soft rays and no anal spines. :-))
Wicked......and so beautiful. Wow amazing eehhh!
Wow, so colorful! I like it . Do you think man can find them in any pet fish stores ?Do Mandarin fish live in saltwater or cold water?
Argo, these Mandarin fish originate in the Western Pacific from the Ryukyu Islands to Australia. In the wild they are found on silty bottoms with coral and rubble. Yeah, they...
Did you take this Photo ,Eiya?
Surely, it isn't me Sumy. I like its colourful picture and the fish is so beautiful, so I post it here to share with all.
Thanks Hamid! : )
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