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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea
Jun 15 2014 00:47:55
In the orchid conservatory.
Perhaps Dolce would love to be here.
I have uploaded this photo a few days back but it disappeared. Please bear with me, guys
It wasnt your fault the pictures dissapeared by themselves, perhaps too much beauty shocked the forums
Lovely place surrounded by orchids plus looks like raining with sun outside bring a nice book or just bring those yummy desserts here and would get best feeling ever
The sun was streaming through the glass walls at that time but inside it was so cold as the place was temperature controlled. The Phalaenopsis orchids were a sight to behold....
yes the phala...psis orchids needed a great temperature as i read before so they need those hothouses during cold weather
The Phalae......nopsis is sometimes called the Moth/Butterfly orchid as it resembles a butterfly in flight. Please don't twist your tongue anymore, Dolce
How beautiful place Myra! Good there are two seats, one for me and another one for Dolce! Myra please bring one seat for yourself