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Dec 02 2014 11:15:23
Guess what root vegetable is the most popular among Malaysians and our neighbors Emotion: surprise ?? - Yam bean/Sweet turnip is the most versatile root vegetable in Malaysia. Malaysian food cannot go without it.
In English it is called Sweet turnip, or just Yam bean.It is known as Ubi Sengkuang in Malay. Sengkuang tastes great when eaten raw.It is juicy,sweet and crunchy. but it can be juiced and used in stir-fried dishes. It tastes great in stir-fry dishes too.I fry Mee hoon with shredded sengkuang.It is used in steamed sengkuang kueh.It is used as an ingredient for filling of popiah,
According to Wikipedia and other sources from the net,yam bean is high in carbohydrates in the form of dietary or soluble fiber.It is composed of 86-90% water and contains only trace amount of protein and lipids.Its sweet flavor comes from the soluble fiber composed of oligofructose inulin which is a prebiotic,meaning it is a food for the good bacteria in the intestines.It is high in vitamin C,A and some Bs.It is high in potassium content.Because of its very low glycemic index,it is a great food for diabetics and its low calory content makes it a ideal food for weight loss.
Eiya here we call bengkuang it tastes but juicy I eat with hot bean sauce
Oh, Now I am confused between turnip and beetroot.
Is " vegetarian food " synonym for roots?
Lol ... yes, okay, I know , I'm just teasing you . As for me, I also sometimes eat them, some of them ( most of them have never seen or even heard ) but maybe not all people like...