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Dec 09 2014 18:22:04
“if you asked most people whether they believed in love or not, they'd probably say they didn't. Yet that's not necessarily what they truly think. It's just the way they defend themselves against what they want. They believe in it, but pretend they don't until they're allowed to. Most people would throw away all their cynicism if they could. The majority never get the chance
Alaine De Botton
Essays in Love
Love is unspeakable feeling. So, I am not going to believe people whether they said believe in love or not.
Hey, I believe in love and I am admitting the fact. By the way, I love the expression on the girl's face, it's priceless.
Nirmal i wonder why you select this picture specially
Mmm, seems to me you are already in love Nirmal... with Anandi hope you will catch her soon in real life On my side, I prefer the mother of Pi, sweet, balanced, loving and wise...