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Wild West?

Wild West?
Wild West?
Oct 25 2008 19:08:27
This is the sort of picture that "happens" to me when I get German visitors.
(That's me on the right.) :-)
How fun! I love doing pictures like this, but the last time Idid, I was probably about 12 years old. You've got GREAT legs, Yank!
Woow, my God! I really loved this picture. You are really a beautiful lady and I second GG. (Between us I feel jealous) I really wonder why this photo was taken. It seems to be...
Nope, the picture is not 30 years old, but it was specially designed to look old -- as though it might have been taken in the late 1800s. We decided the photo would make an interesting...
OMG Amy, what are you guys doing with all those guns! Geez, that looks so much fun, and that pic frickin' rulez! Thumbs up! And sorry but I won't say anything about you or your...
awesome!! what a beauty
I think I was probably the first one to appreciate the picture--right, Amy? Tom