7 helpful reminders in taking the board exam

Here are some useful tips in taking the board exams with ease.

The anxiety level is pretty high when taking the board exam, especially those who are in their first take. The pressure of passing the exam on the first try causes aa huge impact on how examiners approach each item of the exam.

For those taking the board exam, relax, and follow these friendly reminders, gathered and summed up from people with previous experiences on beating the anxiety before and during the exam.

7 useful tips in taking the board exam

  1. Be organized. First and foremost, you must always keep in mind that being organized in everything you do gives you a clearer mind, which is essential in maintaining concentration before and during the exam.
    Keeping your mind in sync makes it easier to retain information in your brain.
  2. Efficient scheduling. Setting your study habits in an orderly manner helps you pace your review. Keeping an organized scheduling pattern helps you transition in reviewing from light to heavy subjects.
  3. Examine test patterns. If there are samples of previous exam questions made available, it is quite logical to observe patterns on how questions were constructed and which topics are its focus. This method helps you prepare yourself on which subjects/topics to focus on most of your time during review.
  4. Try to solve previous exams. Same with #3, if the opportunity of obtaining copies of previous exams is there, take advantage of it and start doing a mock exam on your end. Familiarizing yourself with previous exam patterns and content prepares you even more to ace the exam.
  5. Highlighted information. When coming up with relevant and difficult words, putting a highlight over it reminds you that it is something you should be reminded of or looked into. Plus, the effect of the highlighted word on a person’s pictographic memory helps in memorizing words more effectively.
  6. Find a textbook you are comfortable with. During the review, reference books are just guides, but you can always find other resource materials with contents that are easier to read and comprehend.
  7. Keep formulas and vocabulary words on small notes. Aside from highlighting, keeping notes on important formulas and vocabulary words also help in faster memorization of key information. Once you have taken good relevant notes, you do not need to carry bulky textbooks every time you go for a review.

Concentration and focus are very important before taking the board exam, and it prevents you from getting washed out during the exam.