19-year old girls talking about Women empowerment in India

In this time of the pandemic, seeing young girls talking about women empowerment and common day-to-day problems, can’t help enlighten us to be more productive on our own terms.

Women empowerment exhibited by four young girls in India

A group of four 19-year-olds in India is trying to make some noise in social media in promoting self-awareness, women empowerment, and general knowledge to everyone at the same age group as them. The girls, Jaya Chinthala, Anusha Barka, Rampally Vaishnavi, and Polisetty Bhoomika saw a deeper purpose for their friendship in reaching to other children at their age group. Basically, the group started promoting women empowerment by awakening young girls about the reality of being a girl child in their society today.

In their video on Youtube entitled “Is society like this is safe for a child”they talked about sexual harassment and physical violence against women in their society. The content is mainly in the Indian language as its target is focused on children of young age in their country.

In another video entitle “Famer: Backbone of our country”, it tackled about respecting the farmers and be responsible for our food waste. The video talks about how farmers are being mistreated and disrespected in the society, it points out that if not for the hardworking farmers, who will the people rely on to deliver the crops that are served in the table of every household.

The young girls named their movement as the Stepchange Initiative, using their own pocket money to conduct community activities and workshops that encourage the participation of the youth and expressing their insights on the current issues their country is facing. The Stepchange Initiative is looking forward to more engagements especially in their social media accounts, to help them raise funds for their community outreach programs.