2 Hong Kong protesters become laughing stocks in front of foreign media

A duo of Hong Kong protesters being ridiculed on the internet for failing to converse neatly in the English language in front of foreign media.

Hong Kong protesters faced foreign media

Two young Hong Kong protesters have now become a laughing stock on the internet over a supposedly serious interview in front of foreign media. With ongoing protests still visible in Hong Kong, foreign media is still on the ground, scavenging any piece of information they can dig out from the protesters. Students were the primary front liners on such protests, however, most of them are not that vocal when it comes to interviews conducted by foreign media.

Pressured to converse in English, most students tend to shy away from the camera and decline interviews. Apparently, this is not the case for two young Hong Kong protesters that have become viral over the internet for their courageous interview with foreign media. But, the supposedly serious interview, turned out to be a center of discrimination and comedy for a lot of social media users. During the interview, it was clear that one of the two Hong Kong protesters was having a really bad time in explaining his answers to the foreign media using the English language.

The youngster wasn’t able to deliver the real thought behind his answers due to constant stuttering and unknowingly using his native language. Many internet users pointed out that they should have conversed in their native language rather than trying too hard using the English language which they are not really fluent in at all.

However, there are those who admire their courage to stand up for their cause despite the added pressure of having international media around. Some internet users hope that this mishap won’t hinder those youngsters to continue to practice their English language and be more effective in delivering their message the next time around.

It is accepted that English is the most spoken language internationally. However, this doesn’t entitle any native English speaker to discriminate against those who struggle in conversing in English. Little to our knowledge, even native English speakers do not abide by proper English grammar.