200 graduates from Bangladesh to receive Blockchain education abroad

As every nation is gearing up to prepare their workforce in the latest technologies, Bangladesh has decided to utilize a portion of its fund earmarked for IT towards Blockchain education of the country’s IT graduates.

A part of the fund which exceeds two hundred million USD will provide a chance for IT graduates to purse Blockchain education in India and Japan. Cybersecurity, AI, and machine learning are some of the other areas which would be open for the graduates.

To qualify for this program, graduates from Bangladesh who are less than thirty-two years of age will have to appear for an examination. Interested candidates can apply via the government portal

The fund above was created with an Indian Line of credit to develop high-tech parks in twelve districts of Bangladesh. After the first two hundred graduates, another hundred will be provided with the same opportunity at a later date.

Md Golam Mostafa, Project Director and joint Secretary of the ICT division said that the government had identified the technology trends that will lead the world in the coming days. He added that,

“We have selected some topics which are quite new to us, and a huge number of engineers will be required in this filed in the coming days.”

Blockchain education around the world

Ripple Labs have recently partnered with universities in Japan as part of their “University Blockchain Research Initiative.” Under this collaboration, Ripple will support universities with financial assistance and technical expertise.

The Curtin University of Australia is another institution that has made a very recent announcement of a new program that focusses on blockchain technologies.

In July 2019, Reva University in Bangalore had partnered with EMURGO academy to create courses for its students in Blockchain technology.