2018 Performance-Based Bonus for school personnel pushed through

DepEd school staff will receive their 2018 Performance-based bonus.

The 2018  Performance-Based Bonus

A week ago, the Department of Education informed about the fast-tracking of DepEd employee salaries and cash incentives, including the Performance-based bonus. The decision by the government agency is in line with the current Administrative Order 25 triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Last Monday, DepEd confirms that the cash incentive for the PBB for school-based staff is now being processed by the finance committee and bound for release by the Department of Budget. The PBB is based on the performance rating of schools for the school year 2018.

Non-school based personnel are excluded

The Inter-Agency Task Force, founded by the President in response to the COVID-19, is the one in charge of scrutinizing requests for immediate fundings related to the virus. The IATF will follow strict compliance with the requirements needed for releasing funds.

In the case of DepEd, the office-based staff is excluded from the cash incentives regarding the 2018 Performance-based bonus due to non-compliance in certain requirements needed by the agency for approval. The DepEd failed to provide the following requirements for their non-school based personnel: Cross-Cutting guidelines, Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System records, and Gen Administration reports.

The non-approval from the Inter-agency and the DBM will affect office personnel from the Department’s Central Office, Regional Offices, and Division Offices. But, DepEd is trying their best to make a viable appeal for reconsideration of the initial decision by the screening committee.

Even though the 2018 PBB is pending for office-based personnel, DepEd employees are still reassured that the two months’ salary, as promised by the department will be provided nonetheless. In addition, Finance Undersecretary Annalyn Sevilla is feeling positive that an additional $120 (P6,000) for clothing allowance and a possible release of an early mid-year bonus will also be granted.


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