2019 Chevening Scholarship application process is now open

The application process for the 2019 Chevening Scholarship has officially commenced on 5 August. Thе scholarship is aimed towards budding world entrepreneurs and leaders who are looking to boost their education and want to study in the United Kingdom.

The eligibility criteria for this scholarship differs from traditional masters grants, as the main requirement is a proven track record of excellence in a given field. According to the Chevening website, it does not matter how old applicants are, or where they come from, as long as they write a quality application form which proves their determination.

Chevening Scholarship application process

The higher education system in the United Kingdom is a rigid structure, and application to universities is handled through the centralized UCAS system. However, scholarship applications are processed by the organizations offering them. 

To apply for a Chevening Scholarship, students have to go through a detailed application process. The beginning of this year’s round has started on August 5; however, the whole process will take more than eight months.

The deadline for submitting your portfolio is in November. After all applications are submitted, Chevening starts filtering through them and selects only the ones which meet the eligibility criteria. Once all eligible applications are chosen, a reading committee goes through them and picks the best ones to go to the next stage.

If your application passes through the reading committee, you will be invited to attend an interview between March and May of 2020. Before going to the interview, shortlisted candidates will have to make sure they have prepared two references, and the required higher education and English proficiency certificates. By the beginning of June, all shortlisted candidates have gone through their interviews, and Chevening announces which applicants have been awarded a scholarship.

The Chevening Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity to join a higher education institution in the United Kingdom without having to pay tuition fees. Depending on the course you’ve selected, you can save thousands of pounds from course fees.