2020 Blockchain career opportunities

Blockchain technology has emerged to be one of the most desired skills in the IT job sector. This has been instigated by the actuality that blockchain is part of the technological innovations reigning supreme in the modern age.

A recent survey by Deloitte Insights depicted that 86% of the respondents acknowledged the supremacy of blockchain technology because, in the near future, it will witness massive mainstream adoption. 

This has been prompted by some of its characteristics, such as scalability because blockchain technology has the capacity of changing in scale or size. 

Another study by Upwork, one of the world’s most significant freelance platforms, revealed that blockchain was among a group of the fastest thriving skills. 2020 is expected to experience a rise in the demand for various blockchain capabilities.

Blockchain content writing

The urge for blockchain writers has been rising at a substantial rate. Nevertheless, this career opportunity necessitates in-depth knowledge and comprehension of blockchain technology. A precise technical skillset is also required. 

Writing opportunities in the blockchain space vary. They include writing white papers, news, blog content, and landing pages. The anticipated minimum hourly wage ranges from $15 to $30.

Blockchain development

Recently, it was speculated that the demand for blockchain developers with skills, such as machine learning, cryptography, python, C++, and javascript rose by 115% in the 2016-17 period. 

As blockchain technology is continuously being embraced, the need for expert blockchain developers has been rising in many organizations. The average rate per hour is usually between $60-$100.

Blockchain Engineer

The urge for blockchain integration has been growing at a high rate. 

As a result, many companies have been considerably seeking blockchain engineers who can accomplish tech requirements, such as developing blockchain apps. The annual salary ranges from $60,500-$81,000. 

Crypto Trading

Crypto trading has been possible because of the significant growth of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. 

It is, however, a risky investment choice and the precise technical skillset is necessitated. Additionally, genuine crypto brokerage platforms are required for prosperity purposes. 

On the other hand, blockchain technology is reasonably being embraced in the education sector. For instance, online blockchain education has emerged to be a notable trend in universities. 

Moreover, Switzerland’s University of St. Gallen recently favored blockchain technology to eradicate the problem of severe fraudulent diplomas on the global spectrum.