Three Arizona teachers caught COVID-19 by sharing classroom during summer class

One of the three Arizona teachers who was diagnosed with COVID-19 died last June 26.

Arizona teachers infected with COVID-19

Three Arizona teachers from Hayden Winkelman School District tested positive for COVID-19, the common denominator, attended the same class during summer.

One of the three Arizona teachers that came out positive for the coronavirus, died last June 26. Prayers and good memories are sent away along with the passing of Teacher Kimberly Chavez Byrd, age 61.

Two of her co-teachers, Angela Skillings and Jena Martinez, also came out positive and still experiencing onset symptoms of COVID-19. The Hayden community and families are praying for their speedy recovery.

The school administrator for Hayden Winkelman School District is in disbelief about how the virus was transmitted within the school premises. It is believed that all teachers were equipped with protective equipment and always have their sanitizers with them while inside the school premises. Social distancing was also strictly followed all throughout the summer class.

Prior to the summer class, Byrd was already suffering from several health conditions such as asthma and lupus. She was considered as immuno-compromised. She was then hospitalized the second week of June and stayed there until her very last moments.a

Byrd’s family and some relatives also came out positive for COVID-19.

Positive cases in Florida

Over the weekend, the Department of Health in Florida announced 15,299 new positive cases in the state, the most recorded in the US on a single day basis. Since March, Florida already recorded 4,346 deaths out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent records show an increase in the daily death toll in the state, from 30 per day three weeks ago, now at 73 deaths a day.

Increased swab testings in the state expose the rapid increase of transmission of the virus. Over 19 percent of the individuals’ tested daily results in a positive result.

One of the main concerns in Florida right now is the occurrence of large crowds and the operation of illegal clubs in the area.

Transmission of COVID-19 in different states in the US is really getting out of hand. The numbers are yet to subside.