30 percent enrolment rate in higher education is the latest target of the UGC for 2020

The University Grants Commission (UGC) of India has announced that they are currently looking to achieve a thirty percent (30%) enrolment rate in higher education institutions in the country by 2020.

Currently, the enrolment rate of the country is a little over twenty percent (25.4%); however, the UGC is going to aim to achieve thirty percent (30%) by the end of next year. 

The gross enrolment rate is the percentage of young adults (between eighteen and twenty-three years old) who are currently attending a higher education institution. 

The UGC will also be actively working towards improving the quality of education offered by higher education institutions, in order to help with boosting the number of attending students. 

Enrolment rate and student-teacher ratio

The enrolment rate and the student-teacher ratio are some of the most important statistics educators and governments are monitoring to get an idea of how the educational system is developing. 

While the number of enrolled students in Indian schools has been rising, which is an uplifting tendency, the student-teacher ratio in the country is one of the worst globally. Currently, there are about twenty-four students per teacher in secondary education, which is a worrying number.

It is important that the UGC not only aims to boost enrolment rates but also starts thinking about attracting more teachers, as these students will need proper education and sufficient attention. 

Student-teacher ratios are important as they show how dedicated teachers can be to individual students, and how much time they can spend in one-on-one talks with their pupils. Currently, India has a lot to work on when it comes to the number of teachers in the country.