35 Moscow schools open IT training labs

35 Moscow schools are expected to introduce innovative IT(Information Technology) training facilities equipped with modern items. 

Notably, this has been instigated by the urge for expertise in distinctive IT fields as the world gears towards the fourth industrial revolution or 4IR, whereby technological innovations will reign supreme. 

The Moscow schools are expected to utilize a curriculum crafted by major IT companies based on the market’s demand. Some of the subjects to be covered include IT security, prototyping, modeling, programming, communication technologies, big data, electronics, and robotics. 

Moscow schools to offer IT classes

According to the Minister of the Government of Moscow and Head of the city’s Department of Information Technologies, Eduard Lysenko, these Moscow schools will be equipped to the capacity that students will get in-depth knowledge about the IT fields covered. 

Lysenko also noted that Moscow schools have made incredible progress in harnessing optimal benefits from digital technologies. These achievements would be instrumental in making Moscow a future smart city. 

Lysenko stipulated that the new IT classes would be pivotal in generating an exceptional educational environment needed by children. Moreover, the education offered will be notable in making outstanding plans for the future. 

Top institutes collab for Moscow schools IT curriculum

The Minister also asserted that Moscow is a world-class city where innovation and technology are being practically applied in every life’s sphere. As a result, the IT classes will come in handy in offering learners the chance to master specialized competencies and skills needed for future prospects.

Entry examinations in programming languages, informatics, physics, and mathematics will be required to enroll in the IT classes. Notably, the curriculum has been developed by significant Moscow schools, such as the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, N E Bauman Technical University, and the Moscow Polytechnical University, among others. 

IT is continuously being embraced in many sectors. Notably, as the world is changing, we are witnessing how an increasing number of educators are adopting modern digital tools and applying them in new ways to upgrade and enhance student learning in higher education.