Singapore gets 40 new principals for 2020

Singapore will appoint 21 new principals and reshuffle 19 current principals for the school year 2020.

New Principals for 2020

Singapore Ministry of Education will impart its annual principal reshuffling exercise for 40 schools this coming 2020. The reshuffling includes 21 new principals and 19 current appointees. Last year’s school count in the principal reshuffling exercise was at 66.

The annual reshuffling of principals gives new perspectives to schools under new management. Schools will also benefit from experienced principals being able to share their best practices with the new school they will be handling.

According to the Ministry of Education, this year’s reshuffling will include 21 new principals to be appointed to their first-ever principal roles. These new principals are expected to new innovative approaches in handling schools. Fresh ideas are always welcome, we encourage them to improve and make a greater learning environment for the schools they will be handling. Their appointment is great achievement in their teaching career, it comes with bigger responsibilities that we hope they can handle and succeed in.

19 incumbent principal appointees included

The reshuffling also consists of 19 incumbent principal appointees.  They will be assigned to new schools and expected to share their expertise and leadership experience in these new assignments. The continuation of their services as principals is an affirmation from our department that their skill an abilities as school leaders are well recognized.

Here are some of the noted new appointees for this batch of principals:

  • Mr. Kevin Pang Chin Keat – Yuhua Secondary School
  • Maam Tey Kah Hwee – Cedar Girls Secondary
  • Ms. Poh Qinyu – Tao Nan School

Madam Haslinda Zamani, cluster superintendent at MOE will handle Raffle’s Girl School. Madam Soh Lai Leng of Catholic High School will impart her leadership on her new home the National University of Singapore High School of Mathematics and Science.

Director-General of the Ministry of Education, Ong Ye Kung will award the letter of appointments for the 40 new principals at a ceremony this coming December. The ceremony will also take advantage of the opportunity to recognize retiring principals with their contribution to the education system of Singapore schools during their terms.