8-year-old Marian dazzles in photoshoot after school ban

Eight-year-old, Marian Scott, finally got her princess treatment this week when she had a photoshoot with a Chicago top photographer.

Marian had earlier been sent away from picture day for apparently violating one of the school’s dress code.

School authorities at Paragon Charter academy in Jackson, Michigan, had prevented the third-grader from being on the school photo as a result of her red braids violation of the school code.

It will be fair to note that Paragon Charter academy’s handbook actually states that students’ hair color must be natural tones to participate in picture-taking.

Although unaware of this school policy, Marian’s parents were perplexed about why their daughter was prohibited from joining the school photo shoot.

Doug Scott, Marian’s father, said he and his wife were upset by the incident and the way it was handled by the academy. He insisted neither he nor his wife was contacted about the shoot and better communication from the school would have prevented the unfortunate occurrence.

The eight-year-old said she felt “singled out” at the time of the exclusion. She further noted the entire incident felt like she had lost most of her self-esteem.

Rebuilding Marian’s confidence

The entire unpleasant incident went viral, drawing many reactions and empathy from many public individuals.

Renowned Chicago photographer, Jermaine Horton of Jermaine Horton Photography, was one of the individuals touched by the story of the third grader.

He drove from Chicago to have a photoshoot with the eight-year-old, and her red extensions. Mieka Joi, CEO of Rich Girl Candy, also styled her in a colorful and age-appropriate wardrobe donated by Joy Entertainment & Event Management.

Horton said his reason for doing this is to rebuild Marian’s confidence, especially because they are so fragile now as a child.

So we want to make sure that she feels not just great that day but going forward that it’s ongoing and she still feels that support.

Horton was joined by dozens of other professionals, who all wanted to support and make the little girl feel unique, just the way she is.

Cheerful Marian

Marian was beaming with smiles and was beautiful during her photoshoot. She was full of thanks towards Horton and her many supporters, who had put in the energy to make her happy.

Marian’s dad hopes this episode will lead to more discussion about equity in school guiding principles. Below is the story as told by the Chicago photographer Jermaine Horton.

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