90percent Australian graduates work full time after 3 years; survey results

A survey of 40,000 Australian graduates who graduated back in 2016 was done. They were tracked for 3 years and it was found that after a period of 4 months, 7 out of 10 are working full time. Whereas after 3 years of graduation, this figure jumps to 9 out of 10. The average salary at the beginning was a little shy of $59,000 but this number rose to almost $73000 by the end of 3 years.

However, it was noticed that dentistry has been the most paying and successful job for Australian graduates. It enjoys an 86.3% employment rate just after graduation while after three years, almost 99% had started working full time. As far as their salary is concerned, dentistry graduates earn up to $86,000 at entry-level, with the numbers increasing with experience in the field.

Other fields that have performed wonderfully over the years are Rehabilitation(98.6%), Medicine (98.2%), Veterinary Science (95.6%), Engineering(95.4%), and Law (95.2%). These figures in brackets are graduate employability after 3 years. Creative arts (79.7%) and tourism (82.3%) have been on the other side of the table with the lowest numbers.

Australian graduates with the finest results

As far as universities are concerned, the University of Sydney stood out amongst the other universities with more than 93% employability. West Australia’s University of Notre Dame and the University of Queensland stood second and third respectively in this regard.

Education minister Dan Trehan has been delighted with the results of the survey and has proposed to continue incentives for the universities capable of producing ‘job-ready’ graduates, as universities are the ultimate driver for improvements in the country.

Bill Shorten, as the leader of the opposition, has commended the students for their efforts but condemned the Australian government for not helping the students enough in any financial way as university education is still expensive.