A UN-accredited program for ‘climate change teacher’ in northern England

Climate change and global warming is a reality which cannot be wished away. State schools in the northern region of England are soon going to have at least one “climate change teacher” who is trained to teach about climate change to primary and secondary school students. 

This UN training program will be executed in partnership with EduCCate Global. Jamie Driscoll, the North of Tyne Mayor, is working with the United Nations to bring world-class education in environmental science to the schools in his region. 

Training for teachers will be given online. The course can be completed between fifteen to twenty hours

The educators of the region welcome this move. They recognize the seriousness of climate change, and it is imperative that someone who is trained meticulously by the United Nations provides students with relevant information.

Climate change teacher in North of Tyne

Dr. Batchelder from Corbridge middle school who is the leader of the project in North of Tyne believes that educating the students on how to adapt and form strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change will be a way to empower them. Additionally, the teachers who have completed the course may even come up with green solutions for the future.

The online course will educate the teachers on topics such as forests, finance, and science of climate change, negotiations, planning for adaption, etc.

It is interesting to be noted that Mayor Driscoll and his council had declared a “climate emergency” when they first assumed office in May 2019.