AAP concept hopes to link education goals with political means

The Aam Aadmi Party or AAP concept has been instrumental in laying considerable emphasis on education, especially on the political scene in India.

According to Manish Sisodia, Delhi’s Education Minister, the AAP concept has been transformative as it has ensured that teachers are optimally trained. Additionally, buildings have been made better.

As a party born out of a historic anti-corruption movement, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) holds itself to the highest standards of probity. AAP is reputed to be the only political party in India that runs 100% through crowdfunding and accounts for every rupee received.

AAP concept benefits 100k students

The AAP concept has been exceptional as it has ensured that 100,000 students from the nursery level to class 8 usually spend the first 45-minutes daily integrating without opening a textbook. 

The AAP concept has also been pivotal in ensuring that the education sector is given more budgetary allocations. As a result, infrastructural hurdles have been eliminated, and this has been exceptional. 

AAP concept incorporates education into political discourse

Previously, education was not in political discourse. This was detrimental because substantial emphases were not being laid in this sector. 

A change is, however, being instigated by the AAP concept because the political arena has started being attentive to the education industry. 

Sisodia attested that he was astonished by the deplorable conditions of classrooms in government schools. For instance, he found some of them looking like junkyards with worn-out ceilings. 

He also proclaimed that at a certain school, 174 students had been squeezed in one class, and this was disheartening.

Nevertheless, the AAP concept is playing a fundamental role in ensuring that the education industry’s budget is increased to counter these challenges. 

Other incursions of politics into education

On the other hand, the future of a government-aided school gets shrouded with doubts in Hoshiarpur. The school has been serving for over 130 years and was attended by hundreds of students coming from humble circumstances.

Consultation among several departments of government proposed that an Armed Forces Preparatory Institute (AFPI) should be given precedence.

The Sardar Bahadur Amin Chand (SBAC) Senior Secondary School Bajwara is run by SBAC Society and Trust, Bajwara, currently. It is located on14 acres of land granted by former Union Cabinet Minister Ambika Soni and her family.