Aberdeen charity to help more than 100 students get school uniforms

AberNecessities, an Aberdeen-based charity, will host a football competition in the upcoming month, to raise money to buy more than one hundred children school uniforms for the new school year. 

The AberNecessities initiative is relatively new, it was founded in March this year, however, their commitment to helping the youth of the Aberdeen region has inspired them to create this event. According to founder Danielle Flecher-Horn, the organization has been steadily growing over the past few months, and this football tournament will be an expression of its development.

The goal of AberNecessities is to help out children and babies by providing them with clothes and providing their parents with the support they need. The idea behind the upcoming tournament is to help more than one hundred students by giving them free uniforms, as this is one of the most serious costs families have to cover before the start of the school year.

Aberdeen, the UK, and school uniforms

A crisis has been forming around school uniforms all across the United Kingdom, including the Aberdeen region. Parents in Northern Ireland have expressed their concerns that they are not going to be able to afford school uniforms this year, especially families participating in the universal credit scheme. 

According to Ms. Flecher-Horn, a big percentage of children who do not attend schools in Aberdeen just do not have enough money to secure school uniforms. While this may seem like an easy thing to acquire, this is not actually the case, as school uniforms for primary school students can be as expensive as eight hundred pounds (GBP 800).