Access to online learning, only one thirds of students are able to commit

According to a survey, only one-third of students had access to online learning in the U.K.

Lack of access to online learning

In a survey conducted by the National Union of Students in the U.K., at least one-third of the students in the U.K. were experiencing difficulties when it comes to their access to online learning. Most of which are coming from the sector of disadvantaged and disabled students. The survey was rolled out last July with more than 4000 student respondents. The highlights of the survey show a huge discrepancy when it comes to access to gadgets, needed software, supporting modules, and intermittent internet.

In addition, more than 15 percent of the respondents have shared their difficulties mentally in dealing with the pandemic. The students expressed their need for additional support for their mental being through counseling and debriefing.

The Chairman for the Office for Students, Michael Barber supports the result of the survey, claiming that most of the concerns they are receiving on their end are related to technical difficulties such as access to gadgets and problems with the internet. Barber is hoping that with the results during the NUS survey, the government will find a way through all the issues before rushing back to online learning.

Students worried over physical classes

Despite the difficulties of online learning, students are also concerned about the risks of physical learning. More than half of the students in the U.K. are still having doubts about returning to physical classes, survey shows. The reason behind this is the lack of safety precautions rendered by the government and school when it comes to face-to-face classes.

Now, the decision should be whether where the proper budget allocations should be distributed, to improve access to online learning, or to improve the safety precautions in schools for physical classes?