Adult education system due for a major revamp by DSU

Dixie State University (DSU) is creating an adult education system that will integrate adults easily. They will give priority to the scheduling of classes and have also proposed having weekend and evening classes for such students.

DSU has highlighted plans to create an adult education system that would be flexible for students who want to balance their family life, work-life and education. The proposal will see adult students accommodated in university programs with more ease.

Proposals on adult education

Provost Michael Lacourse indicated they are working with other faculty members to create a new adult educational model that would allow the adult learners to have better access to the University’s resources for higher education. These sentiments were backed by Darlene Dilley, assistant vice president for enrollment management who indicated that they had already started the process of coming up with the programs.

Darlene continued by saying that during a meeting, they had agreed to offer the courses to adults as online, in person or as a mix of both where students would be more flexible. Evening and weekend classes were also discussed extensively and they are also being considered.

Lacourse indicated that they are looking at ways in which they can integrate the adult students through non-traditional educational scheduling of learning hours. He also indicated that to do this, two questions had to be answered. The first one is how they can create more convenient services for working adults, and the second thing they need to determine is how they can create scheduling of classes that is more convenient to these adults.

Lacourse continued by saying,

That’s a great point. We should be disclosing expectations for out of class activities in advance so that students can plan accordingly.

This is while responding to a student named Jacob Fink, 44-year-old junior biology integrated science major from Tracy, California who had indicated that he liked planning his activities in advance. He had indicated that he schedules his plans six months prior and he would appreciate if the course schedule was disclosed during the course registration period.

The university has indicated that it will continue to improve on the proposal it already has on the adult education program. They are also reaching out to students through surveys which be helpful in determining how best to approach this project.