AI improves teaching quality in India state schools

Modern technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly entering the state educational system in India and boosting teaching quality across the country.

One of the best examples of this technological revolution, which is entering state schools, can be found in Maharashtra, the home state of Mumbai. Many of the government-run schools in this area have been equipped with screens and language learning platforms, which significantly increase the quality of education pupils receive. 

Boosting language teaching quality through AI

One school in Maharashtra is employing a smart English language platform, which improves the language teaching quality significantly.

Students are listening to texts and watching videos in English, while their teacher pauses on significant moments and explains and translates terms into their native language – Marathi.

According to the developers of the platform, EnglishHelper, multi-sensory exposure to a language, is the best teaching technique. 

What this platform brings to the table is a variety of different exercises involving listening, speaking, and writing, all in English. This is the most wholesome English language environment students in foreign countries can get access to. This is why such innovative technological decisions improve the teaching quality in government-run schools significantly. 

Technology and education

Technological advancements are bringing a revolution to many sectors, and education is one where the strides forward are increasingly impressive. 

Platforms like EnglishHelper are solving numerous problems when it comes to language courses and reducing the cost at the same time. 

Not only that, but online education is also gaining popularity, as it has the potential to bring high teaching quality and accessibility for students who are otherwise deprived of such educational opportunities. 

The educational sphere is bound to be entirely transformed by technological advancements in the near future. We are already witnessing signs of how beneficial technology can be for the educational process, and the future surely holds much more significant improvements.