Alabama public schools goes online

More than 5000 students from Alabama public schools have shifted into virtual classes. There was a sudden increase in virtual school enrollees in Alabama since 2017.

Virtual learning in Alabama public schools

Parents of children going into virtual schools praise the new education system. Having their kids stay at home lessens their worries of accidents and cases of bullying at physical schools. This is a good start for Alabama public schools.

A testimony from one of the parents,

My children are taking learning more lightly. No pressure from other surrounding factors, their focus is mainly on learning alone. They can start at the time of their choice,they can rest better, and stay confident in what they learn.

For online schooling to be effective, a learning coach from home should also be available to assist the student. Parents can serve as a learning coach for their child, they will make sure that the student attends online class schedules and prohibits them from cheating on tests and coursework.

The biggest hurdle was in the beginning. Learning how the online modules work, how to access the lessons, communicating with the teachers, and guiding the children on what to do.

The course is extensive. It offers more detailed and up to date learning as compared to traditional learning textbooks found in state funded schools.

Cost-effective for Alabama public schools

Virtual schools are basically a lot cheaper as compared to traditional learning. Virtual schools take away certain costs incurred by physical schools, additional classroom constructions are avoided, transportation budget such as state school buses are reduced, and meal costs on school canteens are lesser.

There is a sizeable difference in the average budget allotted by the state on a student going to a virtual school and a student going to a physical school. According to recent data, the annual average cost for a single student in a virtual school is around $800-$900, while the average cost in a physical state school per student is $9400 annually. Basically, you can send at least 10x more students into virtual schools with a budget intended for 1 student in an Alabama public school.

But virtual schooling is not for everyone, before being allowed to enroll in one, the student must have the following,

  • Laptop or personal computer.  The family must be able to provide their own workstation intended for virtual schooling.
  • Reliable internet connection. Internet connection must be reliable and fast. Transfer of information is via the internet, so it is basic that higher internet speed means faster response time for learning modules.
  • Learning coach. There should be a learning coach available to monitor the student, especially during exams and coursework activities. This is to regulate the possibilities of cheating.

Learning should be fun for young ones. Parents should also still consider the preference of their children. Virtual schools might not work that well for all, especially for children with outgoing personalities who enjoy actual companionship from friends rather than virtual connections.