Alibaba Group to provide cloud technology workshops in selected Indonesian universities

A subsidiary of Chinese tech giant Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud Indonesia will impart their expertise in cloud technology to two universities from Indonesia.

Empowerment thru cloud technology

INDONESIA – Chinese tech giant Alibaba Group through its subsidiary, Alibaba Cloud Indonesia, partners with several tech giants to provide cloud technology training in chosen universities in Indonesia.

The cloud technology workshop is made available for lecturers, entrepreneurs, and students to gain way for more information technology (IT) experts in Indonesia.

Alibaba Cloud Indonesia, which was founded in March 2018, has already provided at least a thousand professionals in the area of cloud services. The company will team up with tech giants Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google, along with start-up incubator BLOCK 71, and the Indonesian government for the opportunity to train people interested in cloud service technology.

The Digital Talent Empowerment Program

The partnership between the tech giants and Indonesian counterparts will be called the Digital Talent Empowerment Program. Under this program, workshops consisting of at least 60 lectures focused on cloud service technology will be conducted.

Participating universities in Indonesia are Bina Nusantara University and Prasetya Mulya Business Schools. Lecturers expect around 2000 participants from both universities.

According to Alibaba Cloud Indonesia head Leon Chen,

People are interested to learn. They just dont know where to find the resources and facilities that pack the latest and cutting-edge technology.

Alibaba’s Cloud company based in Indonesia with two operating data centers is part of a larger network of 61 data centers scattered across Asia-Pacific, Middle East, North America, and Western Europe.

The Head of Alibaba Cloud Indonesia believes that more and more businesses in Indonesia are leaning towards cloud technology services as part of their company’s growth.

With our technology, skills, and experience, we hope to help grow more talents in cloud services and data technology to meet the demand for digital transformation in businesses all across Indonesia.

Indonesia lacks the number of skilled workers to expand its digital economy. But a program such as this one, businesses will benefit, and as well as more job vacancies will be filled. The country is part of the world’s 12 largest economies, with 120 million workers.

Since the demand in the tech-heavy sector is high, training people in that particular area will result in an increase in revenue for the government in terms of additional employment rate and company investments.

If the demand is fulfilled, Indonesia’s digital economy can grow as much as $130 billion by 2025.