Anti-LGBTQ core values spark exits

Following the introduction of Anti-LGBTQ core values by CRISTA Ministries, the new overseer of Washington’s King’s High School, more than two (2) students and five (5) teachers have quit. 

Expressly, the new administration had incorporated staunch anti-LGBTQ views, making quitting inevitable by those who are not of similar opinions.

Anti-LGBTQ viewpoints

Under the new administration, CRISTA Ministries has asserted that people belonging to the LGBTQ community will be denied both personal and professional responsibilities, and this is based on information availed by The Seattle Times

Jacinta Tegman, CRISTA Ministries CEO, attested that biblical teachings show sexual intimacy ought to be between a married couple comprising of one woman and one man. She affirmed that the decision made was founded on the organization’s goal of upholding this teaching and belief. 

Tegman also proclaimed that the Christian organization usually hires individuals who avow to be Christians. As a result, they are required to adhere to biblical teachings. She, however, defended the organization by stating that it retained anyone irrespective of their viewpoint if they felt comfortable. 

Teachers asked to enforce the stipulated anti-LGBTQ values

After getting at the helm, CRISTA Ministries necessitated all teachers at the school to adhere to and implement the specified Anti-LGBTQ values. As a result, the school was to apply morality standards based on historical biblical teachings.

 One of the learners who pulled out called Ruthie Mogg had been a member of the institution since kindergarten. Her parents stipulated that they reached this decision after the new administration introduced archaic rules. 

On the other hand, LGBTQ values have been accepted in various learning institutions. For instance, In 2018, the University of Sheffield made a bold move of establishing solitary LGBT accommodation flats that are continuously being embraced. Moreover, an LGBTQ curriculum was recently launched in Illinois, United States