Artificial intelligence system built to determine composition of the universe

Researchers have created an artificial intelligence system that is capable of analyzing the troves of astrophysics data and building simulations of the universe. The project, which has been dubbed as “Dark Emulator”, was a collaboration of a multi-university team of researchers from Japan.

The researchers used the fastest astrophysics supercomputers, which they integrated with an artificial intelligence system able to predict the structure of the universe itself. The researchers expressed their optimism about the new technology and hoped that the artificial intelligence system it would unlock the mystery of the universe.

Using artificial intelligence to study the universe

They indicated that the system would be used to study dark matter and dark energy. Scientists have a consensus that the majority of the universe is made up of dark matter. However, they are not able to pinpoint it most of the time, and less information is available about dark matter.

The researchers expressed hope that these simulations would help in ending that. They expressed hope that scientists using this artificial intelligence system would be able to come up with more solid theories about the universe, dark energy and dark matter.

The simulations will attempt to demonstrate how the universe might look like based on the big bang theory. They will also be used in explaining and simulating the subsequent rapid expansion of the universe that happened after the big bang theory.

An extraordinary large database built using a supercomputer

The lead author of the study, Takahiro Nishimichi, in a statement written on, said,

We built an extraordinarily large database using a supercomputer, which took us three years to finish, but now we can recreate it on a laptop in a matter of seconds. I feel like there is great potential in data science. Using this result, I hope we can work our way toward uncovering the greatest mystery of modern physics, which is to uncover what dark energy is.

The researchers said the project would help grasp the concept of dark energy and dark matter. There is a problem in the field because scientists cannot prove that dark matter exists and that leaves them struggling to come up with a unified theory about the universe. However, with these simulations, the researchers are hopeful that they will come up with a clear theory.

The technology will help us understand our universe and allow scientists to determine what dark energy and dark matter are and how they work. It will also help scientists conceptualize how the universe actually looks like.


Featured image by Pixabay