Australia readies student visa flexibility package to ease tensions

Australia is making moves to help relieve tensions on international student visas across the country.

According to Times Higher Education, with coronavirus cases skyrocketing in the country, the country is now looking to release the long-awaited student visa flexibility package.

If this new development is carried out to the latter, Australia will reduce its visa regulations while making it tally with those of competitor countries. With this in mind, the country is ready to forgo the fee for visa renewal for students that have been forced to stay in the country due to the rise of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

Furthermore, Australia has noted that its officials are going to look into the nagging matter and ascertain if online classes can be added to the duration of the study. If this is agreed and granted, international students in the country will qualify for post course work rights.

Coinciding with the investigation of the post course work rights, Australia has currently said it doesn’t have the notion to fly in some international students on a trial basis.

Student visa flexibility package for release soon?

Australia is currently leaving no stone unturned in their quest to rid their country of the coronavirus as it claims that students living outside the country would not be able to come in for now.

Given the time that the country might be looking to accept them back, it was earmarked around the last week of July or first of August, according to the education minister in New Zealand, Chris Hipkins. Recall that the minister asked universities to come up with a safety guideline to return international students to the country.

Chris Hipkins warned that if students were to be received back into the country during this pandemic period, they would be asked to go through a mandatory quarantine before being accepted.

He further notes that if students are willing to undergo the mandatory quarantine, then the country is ready to release the long-awaited student visa flexibility package. But after careful revision of the threats it may pose, the education minister sent a late to Isana New Zealand in June, noting that the above can no longer be carried out.

Australia hopes students undergo maximum return protocol

With this in play, the education minister has dashed the hopes of international students resuming studies in the country before the second semester begins. According to government plans, international students will remain an integral part of any plans to bring people through the border, for now, Chris said.

After this, he further noted some crucial parts of the conditions to be satisfied to bring students, including isolating, quarantine, and monitoring newly returning students. As far back as last month, New Zealand announced that the country was free from coronavirus.

With this news, the country now looks at the probability of bringing back international students via the release of the long-awaited student visa flexibility package after managing to curtail the virus’s spread.

Currently, the country is being rocked by the inability to control the influx of people from COVID-19 ravaged countries. Two people who recently returned from the UK tested positive for the disease after being granted compassionate leave from quarantine.