Australian inventors vie for NASA tour

Young Australian inventors have a few days left to be eligible for the Origin’s littleBIGidea competition whose award is a tour of USA’s NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

Australian children from grade three (3) to eight (8) have been asked to present their innovative and creative ideas before September 13. 

Macinley Butson, one of the judges and the 2018 NSW Young Australian of the Year, asserted that the competition is looking for ideologies that depict practicability and creative thinking. 

Australia’s littleBIGIdea competition

This competitive platform was crafted in 2014. Its intention is for Australian children to think critically about practical ideas irrespective of whether they are ambitious or straightforward. 

According to Butson, the competition is geared towards investigating, challenging, and exploring ideas presented by Aussie children. He also asserted that some practicality and trial-and-error ought to be demonstrated. 

Dr Jordan Nguyen, a biomedical engineer and one of the judges, noted that children have a remarkable thinking capacity based on how they come up with unique solutions for various challenges that are at times unrecognizable. 

He proclaimed that children usually look at the universe from a distinctive perspective as compared to adults. As a result, it is thrilling to see them unraveling imaginative, innovative, and curious ideas. 

Interestingly, this competition has received at least seven thousand (7000) entries since its inception. 

Some of the winning perceptions have been prompted by distinctive topics and causes, such as the environment, community, and healthcare. 

Australian finalists to attain $1000 educational reward

The top twelve (12) Australian finalists will also receive one thousand dollars ($1,000) geared towards their education in their favorite field. 

Additionally, they will benefit from mentoring sessions from engineers under the group Engineers Without Borders Australia. The top three (3) national winners will be privileged to visit NASA in an all-expenses-paid trip. 

On the other hand, students across the globe are set to benefit from various opportunities. For instance, NASA recently opened a space exploration mission to the moon for students

Consequently, UK students will benefit from ten thousand pounds (£10,000) hackathon competition. Moreover, Danish government scholarships are set to benefit Indian students.