Australian government promises to deliver 85 million coronavirus vaccines doses

Australia’s Prime Minister has indicated that his government has negotiated with two research entities to deliver 85 million coronavirus vaccines in the country. He has also indicated that a vaccine may be available as early as January next year.

The government of Australia has said that it had struck two deals with coronavirus vaccine researchers that would ensure that they are among the first to receive a vaccine once it is available. The country’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, said that he expected the vaccines to be rolled out in early 2021 and would be free to everyone immediately they are approved for safe usage.

Coronavirus vaccine available for free

He continued by assuring the country’s 25 million citizens that they would start receiving the dosage as early as January 2021. However, he warned that it was not a guarantee that the virus will have been found by that time indicating that he was only being optimistic.

The government got into a deal with one local researcher, the University of Queensland and CSL, and an international research entity, Oxford University and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, who were tasked to provide the vaccine to the country. Both researchers indicated that they would most likely require people to take two dosages of the coronavirus vaccine.

The agreement shows that majority of the coronavirus vaccines that will be distributed in Australia will be produced in the country, with the University of Queensland and CSL promising 51 million doses. Oxford University will provide approximately 33.8 coronavirus vaccine dosages after approval.

Global struggle with the virus

Currently, there is a global rush for almost all countries to get their hands on the coronavirus vaccine, which has ravaged them and caused significant damage to their economies and health. Currently, there are over 140 vaccines under development and which are in different phases of testing.

In July, the World Health Organization (WHO) indicated that over 165 countries had signed up to a fund that would ensure that rich countries are able to help other countries get their hands on the virus. This would ensure a concerted global effort in fighting the spread of the coronavirus.


Featured image by Pixabay