Australia’s graduate work visa reinstated to attract international students

Australia’s graduate work visa resumes after a huge drop in international student enrollees due to COVID-19.

Time for Australia’s graduate work visa to resume

In a move to revive the market for international students, Australia’s graduate work visa program has been reinstated by the government. Due to the pandemic, most of the international students from various countries were pulled out by their mother countries and were barred from traveling overseas.

As universities get ready for the reopening of schools, school administrators are concerned about a low turnout rate of enrollees coming from the international community. Australia has been one of the top destinations for international students, next to the UK and the US.

So far, the pandemic has caused serious casualties in the UK and the US. However, Australia was able to manage its cases and didn’t go out of hand compared to the UK and the US.

In order to prepare for the academic year, the Australian government is finding ways to attract back its international students and probably entice more to study in the country instead.

Australia’s graduate work visa might be the most effective carrot on the stick to attract back international students. The program allows students from overseas to settle in Australia for a maximum of four years after graduation while looking for a regular job.

How effective is a post-study work visa?

More than three-quarters of international students enrolled in Australia attribute their decision to the graduate work visa program.

But, despite the intentions to attract international students, Australia still has to work on providing better work opportunities to partner with the graduate work visa.

The government should be able to properly inform business establishment on the guidelines governing Australia’s graduate work visas. For the past years, limited opportunities have been given to international students in Australia, something that will certainly not attract aspiring enrollees.