Autism Education motion passes for the first time in Kenya

On 6 July, during a regular assembly of the Garissa county, MCAs unanimously voted for the passing of the Autism Education motion. 

This is an enormous step forward in terms of awareness and care for children with special learning needs. Garissa is the first county in Kenya to adopt the Autism Education motion, and MCAs hope that this will inspire other counties to follow their example.

According to recent statistics, currently, about one in every forty kids in Kenya is on the spectrum, which means that all these children do not have a chance to get proper education, as the country is still lagging in developing regulation for special education.

Autism awareness

One of the main supporters during the discussion of the motion was Autism Lights Inc, a not-for-profit organization, which aims to raise awareness for children who are on the spectrum and need to benefit from special education.

The main activities of Autism Lights Inc include events on autism acceptance and inclusive environment. The organization also aims to provide support and education for the parents of children with special needs. Autism awareness campaigns are one of the main engines of change towards a more inclusive education legislature.

Before the final decision on the motion was taken, MCAs and Autism Lights Inc participated in an informative session. During this session, representatives of Lights Inc presented essential details about the educational needs of children with autism.

The NGO played a crucial role in the process leading up to the passing of the motion, as the more informed MCAs become about the issue, the more inclined they were to pass the Autism Education motion.

The Autism Education motion is a significant step forward in the right direction, as children with special learning needs should not be neglected by county officials and the policies they accept.