Avon Education Foundation: Optimism as a useful tool for quality education

Avon Education Foundation (AEF) proves optimism as a useful tool for quality education. Technology and educational funds do play significant roles in providing valuable education. Optimism is a skill that should be explored.

Gary W. Moore, an author of the award-winning “Playing with the Enemy” observed the optimistic outlook of the Avon Education Foundation. Invited as a keynote speaker for Avon Education Foundation, Gary Moore discerned a distinguishing element between Avon and other schools situated in the United States of America (USA).

Avon Education Foundation outlook

The foundation situates in the State of Indiana, the residential area of Indianapolis. The State of Indiana has limited taxable resources; there are few commercial buildings and no industries. The tax base challenge of the state leaves schools requiring more funding aside from government allocations.

Despite the challenge with funding, the Avon Education Foundation managed to flourish under the circumstance, optimism, the defining factor.

Gary W. Moore’s encounter with the Executive Director of Avon Education Foundation, Sara Bender, revealed optimism as the culture of the foundation. The Executive Director believes no goal or need is unachievable in the school system.

As the tradition of the Avon Education Foundation, the students also reveal the same level of optimism, as much as Avon schools.

How optimism works

Optimism is a skill that can be acquired, it isn’t transferable. It is the act of believing for the best and acting towards achieving the best. Optimism trains the mind to think the best, and the best eventually comes. This same principle applies to pessimism.

The optimism of the Avon Education Foundation permeates the entire education system. Moore described the national success of Avon Marching Band and Color Guard as evidence of optimistic educators like Dean Westman, Performing Arts Chair and Daniel Wiles, Visual Program, and Winter Guard Director.

According to Moore;

Optimism generates enthusiasm, and enthusiasm generates positive actions. And of course, positive actions create positive results. It all begins with optimism.

Optimism breeds quality education

The USA has a good funding system for schools, yet they are far from being defined as the highest ranking. Technology and funding are both essential, but when the school system is pessimistic, it amplifies it the more.

I’ll take an optimistic and positively enthused teacher with a chalkboard any day over a pessimistic teacher with the latest and greatest technology,” said Moore.

It is vital to crave for optimism in the education systems as much as requests are being made for education funds and technology. The school system and home life are two ways students gain an optimistic outlook.

While the education system can’t influence a students’ home life, much can be done via an optimistic education system.
Optimism drives quality education as much as technology and school funds.